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When you sign up for Comprehensive College Counseling support, The College Coach can help you with every step of the college admissions process beginning in your freshman year of high school through graduation.  All services listed below are tailored to meet your needs. 


Preliminary Assessment:

  • Review student’s academic and extracurricular background including transcripts, possible courses, and talents

  • Assess student's successes and achievements in order to emphasize the student’s strengths in his/her application

  • Educate student about how to effectively utilize his/her knowledge and experiences gained in high school 

  • Explore the various types of college programs available to students

  • Draft preliminary college list

College List:

  • Provide assessment questionnaire to help the student prioritize his/her needs when searching for a university

  • Match interests and aptitudes with appropriate universities

  • Guide and instruct student on college internet research 

  • Create personalized list of colleges 

College Essays and Personal Statements:

  • Discuss intent of essay prompts and how to best answer questions

  • Provide personal statement examples and writing assistance

  • Brainstorm college essay topics, develop college essay ideas and make revisions

  • Provide detailed suggestions for content, vocabulary and correct structure

  • Emphasize the student’s own voice and unique perspective


  • Support student to create resume reflecting commitment, continuity of participation and contribution to activities

  • Discuss methods of how different colleges like this information conveyed 

  • Educate students about appropriate avenues to distribute his/her resume


Letters of Recommendation:

  • Work with student on who to ask, how to best approach his/her teachers/counselor and information to provide writer

  • Assist student in providing personal information to help the teachers/counselors write effective letters of recommendation

  • Help obtain letters from people outside the school environment as potential supplementary recommendation letters

Submitting College Applications:

  • Show student how to navigate application system

  • Identify areas of application where student can maximize his/her personal story and achievements

  • Review applications thoroughly, including polished essays, resume and supplementary materials

  • Devise individualized timelines to ensure that application materials are completed ahead of deadlines 

Final College Selection:

  • Provide strategic tips on proper way to show expressed interest 

  • Once acceptances are received, students and parents are guided in making their final decision

Campus Tours:

  • College visits are encouraged and we support the planning for your trip

  • We provide a list of suggested questions and tips to use while touring schools

College Interviews:

  • Provide relevant tips for boosting confidence and improve technique

  • Review list of possible interview questions to ensure student preparedness

  • Develop list of questions to ask interviewer


Is your junior or senior ready to apply to college?

2010 - present

2010 - present

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